Things I have and haven't done

New toy

One thing I have done this weekend is get my iPhone. It’s really quite a wonderful piece of kit – phone, iPod, camera, video recorder, web browser and loads more all in one wee handheld thingamyjig. Excellent.

One thing I haven’t done this weekend, despite the moderate appeal of seeing Delirious? before they quit, is go to the big evangelism event that’s been going on in Inverness this weekend, egotistically called the Luis Palau festival. I am slightly alarmed at the hype that has accompanied this event in the past few months, as if one man can turn the world upside down and save the sinners all by himself, and as if Jesus himself isn’t actually the focus. Moreover, are Inverness’s churches really that rubbish that we need some long-feted demi-god to come and rescue us? And even if they are, is one man saying some stuff over one weekend the solution?

I’ll stop now before I go on another rant. And anyway, it’s time to leave for church…

2 thoughts on “Things I have and haven't done

  1. Hi Simon, great time to be visiting Shetland. I hope you have a super weekend. In relation to Luis Palau, it clearly doesn’t “float your boat!” Personally, I think that’s just fine, but I do think there is a place for a wide spectrum of evangelistic approaches. Billy Graham, for example, has had a huge impact on the lives of so many people around the world. At least 2 leaders linked to Hilton Church became Christians through Luis Palau events 30 years ago. While I find it culturally uncomfortable, it clearly has had a significant impact on some. The music and the various events linked to the Bught Park attracted a huge number of young people, which is a great thing. Hopefully the expereince will break down some of the stereotypes they have of Christian faith.

  2. Thanks Duncan. As you rightly imply, each to their own, and perhaps a while range of evangelical tools is best. It would be great if Palaufest has succeeded in not just attracting people but making lasting impacts, and although I have my doubts I look forward to being proved wrong in the months and years to come.

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