Third best church

As David reports, I discovered the other day that my blog was receiving traffic from Church Weblogs.

It’s a site that keeps a track of Christian blogs – including those where there are lots of bloggers in particular churches. I’ve also received a very nice email from Mike, the brains behind it, explaining his desire to discover more about the global church via the medium of blogs.

It seems we at St Silas are the third biggest bloggers out there, and the biggest in the UK. Albeit in pure quantity terms, rather than quality. Although frankly I reckon the deep thought, reflection and debate amongst the St Silas bloggers is significant too.

But the more my blog is taken as a “Christian blog”, the more self-conscious I become about the label. I’m no theologian, and most of what I write about Christianity raises either laughs or hackles, often both, so this is probably not a good example of a Christian blog.

In any case, I always thought this was a blog written by someone who just so happened to be a Christian. My apologies, for intance, if you came here looking for spiritual nourishment, and found only mullets.

Maybe I need to get more profound. Although I doubt it would suit me…

5 thoughts on “Third best church

  1. I noticed mine is up there as well. I agree with you, my site has no profoundness to it and is just my random mutterings on what I’m experiencing. I wouldn’t catagorize it as Christian literature (or any kind of literature) by any stretch of the imagination. But I am a Christian and I don’t try to hide that fact and have the odd comment on the world around me from that perspective. I don’t think I’ve gotten any increased traffic though as I’m sure any that click on the link discover I’m just dull.

  2. Biz, mullets are moderately nourishing in the food sense – the fish tastes a little like trout, only not quite as flavoursome!

    And you’re right, St Silas is pretty successful – winning on the football pitch too! How on earth are we going to stay humble?

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