"This is all getting a bit Anglican…"

For the first time in as long as I can remember, there was communion in church this morning.

After eighteen months of interloping as a pisky at St Silas, it took this morning’s sacrament to remind myself that us Presbyterians don’t really believe in doing communion too often. Presumably if it we did it regularly, our sermons would have to be much, much shorter and that just wouldn’t be on.

The communion was all done in an interesting new format (for Hilton) that involved going forward to receive the wine in big long lines, with lovely echoey choral music playing in the background. It somewhat reminded me of being back at St Silas.

Then afterwards, we were invited to turn to our neighbours and give them “the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ”. Someone near me exclaimed “this is all getting a bit Anglican!”. I laughed rather too loudly.

As I write, I’m just about to head off to the evening service: if the winds of change really are blowing through Hilton, maybe I should be expecting holy water, liturgy, incense, and a bearded man in a cardigan leading us on the guitar through back-to-back Kendrick songs…

God, I hope not.

3 thoughts on “"This is all getting a bit Anglican…"

  1. Back to back G Kendrick? Not at St Silas, me thinks.. maybe you were visiting other pisky churches during your stay in Glasgow.

    Our local pisky congregation thinks 80’s Kendrick is new stuff so it rarely gets played . Instead it’s back to back hymns from 1700-1800 somthing. Yeawn! They serve real fortified wine at communion though (v nice), and hosts… instead of juice and bread.

    Been visiting our nearest AOG and 2 weeks ago attended the communion service (once a month-not regular enough for my liking…) where grape juice and water cracker pieces were passed around on wee trays. Made me miss St S communion…

    Interestingly, couple of months ago on welcome at St S I spoke to a visitor who wouldn’t take communion at St S because to him it was “too catholic”. And we’re not even high anglican! 🙂

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