Three – the soap opera continues

You may recall from some previous posts that I’ve been having some awful trouble closing my old mobile account with Three.

For those new to the saga, here’s a run-down of what’s happened, with some more recent developments:

June 2009 – I get an iPhone with 02. I close down my account with Three.

June to September 2009 – Three keep charging me line rental, failing to remember that my account has been closed. There are also other issues about notice periods that aren’t worth going into here.

September 2009 – I write to them demanding a resolution and refund. They write back saying yes but don’t.

October 2009 – I finally receive a bill (but not a final bill), which states that I am owed £118.71. This money is not forthcoming. I write back asking for it.

2 November 2009 – I get a letter back apologising, saying the money will be with me in around seven working days. It isn’t.

Today – I phone up and ask where the money’s got to. Apparently, I am told, it was posted on Friday, but is now a sum of around £20. I ask if any explanation accompanies it, stating why it is a lesser amount. I am told no, and demand that such an explanation is sent. I doubt I will receive it, nor to be honest the cheque.

I’ve had a hunt around the internet and there are an alarming number of stories about poor Three customer service that it is hard to sift through it for anything comparable. In my last letter I also threatened to go to the ombudsman, but seemingly I cannot do this until my complaint is closed and Three say that they cannot do any more for me.

I might try to write to them tomorrow, but barely know where to start and think that it might be better once I’ve slept on it. I should also dig around for an email address, too.

As you can imagine, I have more important things to spend my time on this week than Three’s incompetence.

3 thoughts on “Three – the soap opera continues

  1. Do not give up! I’ve fought all sorts of companies on this type of incompetence. (It’s astonishing how difficult it appears to be to administer something like moving house – woo…noone’s ever done that before. Sheesh!) A good one is to copy your correspondence to the BBC’s Watchdog programme with Three’s knowledge, you’d be surprised how that sparks off responses. I’d also contact the ombudsman anyway – it’s up to you who you decide to contact if they’re inept. AND if you’ve got names of employees, copy in the heid bummer too. That money is yours – go get it!

  2. Graham, yes indeed, we’re at the letter writing stage and to be honest it’s not that difficult to get through to a human at Three. The problem is getting understood and responded to.

    SuffolkGael, thanks for the encouragement. Might just send one final letter or email and copy in the folk you recommend. As long as I can find an email address, of course.

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