Three islands


Last week I was on the beautiful island of Islay, also taking in day trips to Colonsay and Jura. It was a week of delicious food, cracking beer, and of course the famous whisky.

The trip was all in the name of research, however, as I was able to visit two of the breweries from the list that forms the basis of my intended next book.

I’ve just uploaded my photos from the trip to Flickr. Unfortunately I’m not convinced they’re all that brilliant.

Though the three islands were stunning in their own way, the weather was that frustrating nothingness that was neither bright enough to render nice sunny photos nor gloomy enough to allow for properly atmospheric and brooding shots.

Islay in particular is a curious mix of lush, verdant countryside and some impressively melancholic old ruins, though, so I got a few snaps I’m vaguely pleased with. You can see them on in the full set on Flickr.

I’ll not be blogging too much about the trip for the moment. I wouldn’t want to spoil the forthcoming book, after all…

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