Thursday 1 December, 2005

I swear that my backside has become moulded by the shape of a ScotRail train seat.

I seem to have been travelling most of the past few weeks, and am absolutely shattered. I was in Liverpool for a conference from Sunday until last night, and my nine-hour journey back was a bit of a killer, taking the Transpenine service through the sorts of utterly grim industrial bits of Yorkshire that you expect to see Monty Python filming in, and then the GNER from York to Edinburgh in the dark.

Those trains were both painfully uncomfortable, and it was only once I was able to sprawl myself out on the last leg, Edinburgh to Inverness, that I actually began to feel more relaxed and could chill out a bit more. Either that or maybe I was just so exhausted I'd have slept on Oor Wullie's bucket if it had been the only seat going.

Tomorrow night I have four Slovakians staying with me through Global Freeloaders which should be fun, and then I have the rest of the weekend to hibernate, which will be good as it is another busy week coming up. But more about that later.

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