Thursday 29 September, 2005

Things I've seen over the last few days:

1. a huge banner stretched across Academy Street advertising a "Recruitment and Career's Fair". Grrr. Normally I am a liberal, but when it comes to apostrophe crimes, I'm an evil, vicious, twisted Nazi.
2. the arse-end of numerous lorries and caravans while driving up to Thurso for work on a beautiful sunny morning, along the scenic but windy and twisty A9.
3. the stark, dramatic beauty of the windfarm just south of Thurso. How anyone can call these surreal yet majestic towers of motion a blight on the highlands' scenery is beyond me. I must remember to take photos next time I go up.
4. a rainbow over Ben Wyvis, as seen from the Friar's bridge in the centre of Inverness today. Not just any old rainbow, but a funny sort of blurry, soft-focus one hanging, curtain-like, from a cloud a little above the horizon… almost like it was raining paint.
5. lots of tourists learning how to ceilidh dance in Blackfriars, a pub in town where our prayer group decamped to after meeting last night.
6. the nights fair drawing in.

Other than that, it's busy at work, and that's my news for now.

Oh no, one last thing. The other day I was introduced to someone, and due to some confusion they asked if I was from Lewis. "No," I replied. "If I was from Lewis, I'd still be there."

I don't often say really funny things, so felt I would proudly share that one with you. I laughed, at least.

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