Thursday 6 October, 2005

Well, that was Orkney, and heaps fun it was. I feel awful, though. It was a moderately late night last night, and this morning we had to get up at 4.45am (no that wasn't a typo) to catch the boat back to the Scottish mainland. My colleague was a hero for doing all the driving – it was an automatic, which I find infuriating due to the fact that your left leg is left hanging around like a genetic deformation. I slept for most of the ferry back to Caithness and missed an apparently stonking sunrise.I did, however, get some good photos of Old Stuff in Orkney and the windfarm just south of Thurso, but can't be arsed putting any of them online. It was a lovely drive back south, with beautiful sunshine – just like the past couple of days in Orkney too, thankfully. Once back in Inverness at around 10am there was a full day's work still to do, and I went straight from there to an interesting couple of hours in Ottakars listening to four authors (including Kevin MacNeill and Alan Bissett, both of whom I really enjoyed while fighting off the tiredness), and now feel utterly wasted.

As such, neither can I be arsed checking whether bins got emptied or not. Off to bed…

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