Thursday 8 December, 2005

On my way back from Skye, I came back via the Achnasheen road (otherwise known as the Invermoriston bypass), which took me back over the Kessock Bridge into Inverness. As my meeting was not too long I was able to come back before dark, and it was a lovely drive, with a chilly, icy mist on the east of the Highlands making for some lovely views in the piercing winter sunshine.However, coming over the bridge there was a really peculiar incident going on. Across on the northbound carriageway a protester had tied himself to the wirey things that were attached to the main pillars, and was quite a way off the ground, so it was quite a feat. His banner read something like "I want my phone", but it was hard to see as I didn't want to be distracted from the road. There were police and an ambulance in attendance.

Then just a few metres further on, a car was on the same carriageway, side-on, with lorries right up against it, perhaps even crashed into it, and growing queues of traffic behind it – although not too much traffic, so it was a brand new fresh incident. There was an old man in the car, but I couldn't really see if he was alright or not as I was driving too fast.

Well, not too fast, but you know what I mean.

All rather bizarre – a protester and a potential crash… in the same place? Where they connected? Why was the protester wanting his phone back and why would tying yourself to the Kessock Bridge get it back? And why was the old man blocking up the traffic? Was he showing his sympathy to the phoneless protester's cause? Or maybe he was opposing his cause by blocking up traffic and minimising exposure to the banner…

Anyway, all very strange, and I can't find anything about it on the internet, and can't bring myself to listen to Moray Firth Radio. There's no mention on the BBC News website, but I can't help feeling that if a guy who'd lost his phone and an old man in a sideways car had held up the Forth or Erskine bridges in rush hour, it would've made the headlines.

If you know what it was all about, I'd love to know – email me on

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