Tourist in my own land

This one's of Urquhart Castle, but click to see other ones.It’s easy to be complacent about where you live, as you see it through the prism of everyday life.  That’s a shame, especially when the place you live is as lovely as the area around Inverness.

It was one of the things I enjoyed about hosting Couchsurfers regularly until a few years ago, in that I was able to see Inverness afresh, through the excitement and keen enthusiasm of a visitor.

Having visitors this past weekend, too, has been good.  Not only has it been an excuse to avoid all the wall-to-wall coverage of the Queen’s Jubilee, but it’s been a chance to be a bit of a tourist in the local area, getting out and about to see some of the sights.

From Loch Ness to the Moray Firth, Chanonry Point to Tomatin Distillery, it’s been really nice to be reminded what a beautiful part of the world it is, especially in such lovely weather as the north of Scotland has been enjoying the last few days.  I do hope visitors to the Highlands enjoy it as much as I love living here.

I’ve taken a wee handful of photos, some of which are on Flickr.

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