The Return of the Mullet Hunter

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Praise for The Return of the Mullet Hunter

Simon has a highly readable, light touch which makes the stories fly by effortlessly… Reading The Return of the Mullet Hunter is a charming diversion, quite literally a journey as Simon darts from unusual place to place. As a reader, any interest in the actual mullet hairstyle is pretty much irrelevant, you just need an interest in the nooks and crannies of the world. Because that’s what Simon’s book is about – the uncelebrated edges of the earth.”

From New Zealand to North America, with a few stop-offs in Inverness, the story zips along with crisp and clear travel writing that brings the diverse locations and characters to life. But there is as much disappointment as triumph in his travels and whilst that might take the edge off a feel-good story it makes the tale somehow more real.
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The mullet mission continues!

In the bestselling 2013 sequel to Up The Creek Without a Mullet, The Return of the Mullet Hunter takes us from the quiet English countryside to the Californian desert via dull suburbs and remote islands. It thrusts me back into the media spotlight across the world and into the welcoming hands of ordinary people keen to help this mad Scottish mullet hunter find his destinations.

But The Return of the Mullet Hunter is also an adventure in search of the quiet beauty that lies far off the beaten track in unassuming, rarely-visited places; and it charts the dilemmas as I face up to the huge costs and obvious stupidity of my whimsical quest – one which, on an epic road trip through the USA, looks like it might begin to fall apart…

Read seven free extracts from The Return of the Mullet Hunter, as a taster.

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10% of my royalties will go to The Hoja Project, a Tanzanian charity set up by my friend Phil who designed the book’s cover.