Tuesday 10 January 2006

To Do Lists are great. Often vast long checklists of things that have to be done, they are a great way of not only being organised, but also of making it look like you're being organised. I often waste entire hours constructing To Do Lists at work simply so that I can satisfy myself I am doing something useful – I even once made a To Do List which began "1. write to do list".

I've spent most of this evening doing a "Move to Glasgow" To Do List, and I am now realising just how much there is to do. Everything from sorting my remortgaging to writing an inventory. There's loads of boring computery things I need to do too, such as put all my music on my laptop so I don't need to take loads of CDs south me, and make sure that I can still edit my website from my new location.

I'm very lucky that it's all gone smoothly for me so far, though. It's just that with a week out of the office for an inconveniently-timed training course in Sheffield, I've only really got until next Friday to get the place packed and sorted. So it will be an immensely busy time and my evenings and weekends will have to be spent working hard to get it all done, with no time for slacking.

So, time for a drink and a browse of BBC News…

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