Tuesday 13 September, 2005

I've just been browsing the league tables in the SPL and first division, and reminding myself that I really must get round to a Ross County match at some point this season. They're my adopted team since I moved to Inverness, as Dingwall is where I was born and is only 20 minutes away. Plus, I have lots of friends who are from there, and they'd never have forgiven me if I had become an Caley Thistle supporter. Moving close to Dingwall was a good excuse to stop supporting Rangers, my old team, but I've only made it to a couple of County matches or so a season.

Anyway, things are looking good, because County are at the top of the first division right now, and it looks like they might actually start breaking out of their perpetual mediocrity. Also, the SPL is dead interesting – thanks to the Romanov revolution, Hearts are clear at the top, the first team to give the Old Firm a run for their money in years. Rangers and Celtic dropping points is actually making football interesting in Scotland for once. I don't care what Old Firm fans think, the competition is a breath of fresh air. I'm not particularly anti-Old Firm (apart from the fact that many of their fans are vicious, sectarian excusers for terrorism) but it would be great to see Hearts keeping up their momentum and making Scottish football interesting all year round. I am not a massively avid football fan, but what Hearts are doing is really making me take interest – I wonder how much this is true for passive fans across the country.

It used to be the case that by Christmas all Scottish teams would be knocked out Europe and the Old Firm would be several lengths ahead of the rest of the pack in the SPL. But this season, it really looks like football will be interesting again.

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