Tuesday 14 March 2006

On Sunday night, because the snow was so heavy and I didn't want to travel far, I went to Partick Trinity Church of Scotland. Their website is simple and clear, but I'd not heard much about the place. I found it closed, unfortunately – a woman posted at the front door informed me that the service was cancelled due to the snow, which I thought was a bit wimpish in such a densely-populated parish where folk wouldn't have far to go. I had a nice chat with her nevertheless – she asked a bit about me and when I told her where I worked she said that they had good links with the Christian Union at the university. She encouraged me to go back another Sunday, and I will.

As it was just before half past six, I nipped round the corner to the Catholic church I'd remembered seeing a few weeks ago – I didn't see it's name as I rushed through the door. The Catholics were obviously hardier souls because it was packed out with folk who'd braved the snow. I sat right at the back and realised the service was just coming to an end, and with a quick communion and wave of smelly stuff, everyone cleared off without speaking to me. I went home and enjoyed a quiet night in. It was a nice building and clearly a big, active community, but I'm not sure if smells and bells is my scene. Sorry, Benedict.

So three churches in one day – the church-hunting is going well! In fact, it's starting to get some more attention, too. I've had a number of emails in the last couple of days from folk expressing interest in what I'm doing. I suspect most of the traffic has come via David McCarthy who blogged again about the impact of my visit to St Silas, offering six scriptural reasons why being welcoming is so important for a church.

I'll share my thoughts so far on some of these wider issues once I reach the end of round one. Just Partick Trinity and the trendily-monikered C7 to go…

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