Tuesday 3 January 2006

So, the new year.

2005 has been a great year with loads happening, and highlights include:

1. Really coming to feel at home in Hilton Church. Bummer that I am now leaving it.
2. Australia (1) – finding five mullets Down Under.
3. Australia (2) – numerous interviews about the mullet quest, including with Fran Kelly on Radio National’s breakfast show.
4. Seeing Sigur Ros live for the third time.
5. Getting a new job.
6. Er…
7. …that’s all I can think of for now.

2006 should be exciting, with a move to Glasgow for the new job, and hopefully a mullet expedition to eastern Canada later in the year. Plus, no doubt, a few surprises along the way.

Sorry, this is such a rubbish first blog of the year, isn’t it?

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