Tuesday 4 April 2006

I was back up north seeing family and friends this weekend. On Sunday night I went to Hilton, my old church in Inverness, and it was great to see everyone there again. Among them was Angus, who I mentioned in a blog a while back, who has recently completed a traineeship with Moray Firth Radio. Angus was part of a team who entered a competition within the station for new programme ideas, and his share of the hour's broadcast was a hilarious documentary about the meaning of the world "mullet". He went to a barber's to get a mullet cut, met up with one of Inverness's finest fish chefs, then did an interview with yours truly.

Although the programme was never broadcast, Angus's team won the competition despite including ramblings from me about global mullet-hunting. Angus was very proud of his thirteen minute part of the show, and rightly so because it is excellent. He's let me put it up here for people to listen to, so here you go! It's 11.9MB, for those who understand these sorts of things – I think that means it might take a while to download. I've also put it on the mullet page. Enjoy.

I guess you're expecting a review of the service at Hilton now, aren't you?

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