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The TVNZ piece from Farewell Spit was broadcast on Wednesday night’s Close Up show, and you can also watch it on the web. It’s quite surreal to see myself on telly, but it’s a really good piece and a nice memento of a fun day’s mullet-hunting.

And while we’re at it, I’ve also tracked down an audio file of my RadioLIVE interview with Marcus Lush earlier this month. Sadly you can hear background noise towards the end – I was conducting the interview from a phonebox in the foyer of my hostel in Napier and of course nobody walking past would have assumed for a moment that I was doing a live national radio broadcast. Also, as you can hear, the interview ends rather abruptly as we collide with the 8am news.

But apart from that, it was good fun and I think I did quite well. I also enjoyed meeting Marcus later on in the trip in Invercargill.

My inbox has now gone mad with emails from New Zealanders, which I will have to go through at some point, and my website is about to exceed its bandwidth. I think I need to go and hide in a bunker for a while.

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  1. That TV piece is terrific, and it reminds me… I really must dig up that old photo of you with the mullet, Varwell, age 18. Don’t deny, you know it’s true.

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