Two more bloody mullets

I know have two more mullets to add to the list.

An American named Jonathan emailed me a few weeks ago saying he lives on Mullet Creek, in the Indian River Lagoon in east central Florida. In trying to track it down on Google Maps, I inadvertently discovered another Mullet Creek in Florida, this time on the site of what seems to be a massive military airbase in Okaloosa County in far north-western Florida.

That takes the number of Floridan mullets to five, and if you check my mullet map you’ll see I’ve added the two new ones here and here. It also brings back an equillibrium – fourteen down and fourteen to go, so once more I am precisely halfway through.

Although I could have done without the new additions, and Jonathan has yet to get back to me with more information about the Indian River Lagoon mullet, I’m glad the two I have uncovered are not too far from other ones and therefore don’t seem to present any major new logistical difficulties or trips to entirely different corners of the world.

Of course, I am no further to figuring out where, how and when the next leg of the mission might manifest itself. There has, however, has been an interesting development recently regarding the mission, but I’ll keep that under my hat for another few weeks and will blog all about it as soon as I can.

Finally, while I’ve been able to update my map, I’ve very frustratingly failed to update the mullet page of my website. My problems with iWeb and ClassicFTP that I blogged about some time back are continuing to dog me, and to be honest I don’t think I will stick with them for long. I’m trying to find out about website hosting with WordPress (on which this blog resides) but am struggling to make sense of their hosting and design instruction pages.

Anyone who knows how my website would work on WordPress is more than welcome to offer some wise words of wisdom.

Enough of the mullets for now – I have an early start tomorrow as I’m working in Edinburgh, and then on Wednesday I’m off to Shetland for work, and Nicole is coming with me to make a nice long weekend of it.

I’ll take some photos, no doubt…

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