I’ve been “tagged”, it seems. by Lynzy and Danny to name six uninteresting things about myself.

Now this is difficult. When I’ve seen others do this, the facts have been at least moderately interesting, and to think of facts about myself that are truly, mind-meltingly dull is quite a challenge.

After all, I am quite an interesting person, and I could much more easily name six highly fascinating facts about myself. Like for instance the fact that my elbow joints are structured in a female rather than male way; or that I can sing “happy birthday” in Luxembourgish; or have shaken hands with Ibrahim Rugova; or used to hate garlic but now love it.

But six uninteresting facts? A tall order. Well, here goes:

  1. I am right-handed.
  2. I have two cultery and utensil drawers in my kitchen.
  3. I know what HTML stands for.
  4. Currently, I have a pen on my desk balanced on its end.
  5. My phone number starts with a 0.
  6. I’ve just become immensely bored thinking of a sixth one.

Consider yourself “tagged” if you wish.

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