Up some hills


As I mentioned in my last post, I was hillwalking this past weekend in Corrour, by Loch Ossian.

It’s a repeat of the trip with St Silasites that I made last year. And this year was great – much better weather, and not quite as punishing.

Corrour is a beautiful place due to its isolation, the dramatic scenery spectacular views you get from the top of hills (of which I climbed about three or four – I lost count to be honest).

The customary batch of photos can be found here.

My legs still ache, three days later.

3 thoughts on “Up some hills

  1. My friend works as a stalker in Currour Estate. Now thats some house! I think the construction costs were over £1m.. Lovely setting and the isolation is amazing.

  2. Very dramatic house – a bit Orwellian. I didn’t think it looked in keeping with the environment when I first saw it, but now I quite like it. Would have enjoyed a closer look, but ther are too many trees.

  3. >> Iain said: My friend works as a stalker in Currour Estate

    Wow, I didn’t know you could make a career of that. Most people I’ve heard about end up with restraining orders against them… {:-P

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