Up The Creek Without a Mullet

Mullet Creek, DaptoI’ve been a bit quiet on the book front in this ‘ere blog since revealing that I have a book forthcoming via Sandstone Press.

Things, frankly, have been really busy lately. My wedding’s two months away, I have a hectic work schedule this term, and having a book coming out is probably not something I have given sufficient prominence to, either on this blog or in real life.

However, today is one of the first Mondays in ages that I’ve been free to get on with what I took Mondays off for, and I am spending some time catching up on a couple of book-related things. One is my website, which a friend is shortly going to give a bit of a vacuum and dust-down for me. The other is the (hopefully) final text which I have been working on with my editors at Sandstone – it’s a long, meticulous process, but I think we’re just about there.

And in the run-up to Sandstone going properly public about the book, perhaps I can give you an exclusive preview of the title – “Up The Creek Without a Mullet”.

It’s a snappy title, and I like it a lot, but I cannot take credit for it. It’s actually the headline from an article in Australian newspaper the Illawarra Mercury, upon my visit to Mullet Creek, Dapto.

I think it nicely sums up the somewhat disorganised approach I took in the early days of mullet-hunting, not least in Australia, where much of the story in “Up The Creek Without a Mullet” takes place.

In a wee while, I’ll share the book cover with you – which I also think is excellent. Then, in a few weeks, Sandstone themselves will be going public, meaning it’ll all be totally official.

Quite where I’ll get the time to deal with any resultant publicity, I have absolutely no idea…

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