Up The Creek Without a Mullet

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Praise for Up The Creek Without a Mullet

…he has a dry wit… writes engagingly about the places he visits, and makes Up the Creek Without a Mullet a very personal account. The idea behind Varwell’s journeys may be daft, but he’s well aware of that; and his genuine enthusiasm shines through, making this book a very satisfying read.”
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A fantastic travelogue… part Dave Gorman, part Michael Palin, part Bill Bryson.”
– Amazon review

“Up The Creek Without a Mullet”, originally published by Sandstone Press (2010) but self-published in 2015, is my first book.

It charts the origins of my mullet mission and the first three adventures in Albania, Ireland and Australia.

After acquiring a fascination with the dubious 1980s haircut while travelling around Eastern Europe, I discovered a village in Albania called Mullet, and a mission was born. From Albanian slums to the windswept landscapes of County Mayo, the mission took me across the world in search of obscure locations – eventually creating an inadvertent media storm when the mullet hunting hit the big time Down Under.

10% of my royalties go to aidconvoy.net, a humanitarian organisation run by my friend Kieran. Both he and it feature in the Albanian leg of the story.