UTCWAM’s iBooks availability

I discovered quite by accident today that Up The Creek Without a Mullet is now available on iBooks, Apple’s rather funky ebook reader for the iPhone and iPad.

Much as I am a huge fan of both ebooks as a concept and iBooks as an application, Apple don’t, for some reason, have as many titles on iBooks as Amazon have on the Kindle, meaning that the Kindle is definitely the leading ebook reader around.

Hopefully Apple will get their act in gear on this front, because it’s a better format – at least when comparing the iPhone apps, which is admittedly the only basis on which I make that judgement.  At the gentle command of your fingers pages scroll over beautifully in iBooks, and this makes for a so much more hands-on feel, something that people say they like about physical books and which the Kindle with its press-button page-change doesn’t seem to replicate.

Anyway, enough of the soapbox – I’m just delighted UTCWAM has another platform on which it is available.  It only seems to be available on iBooks in the UK and USA at the moment, though, making the availability no wider than on the Kindle version.

Perhaps that’ll change in time.  I certainly hope so.

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