Cow Cow the catThere’s been a few visitors in the flat of late.

I’ve had two lots of couchsurfers – one American guy who’s blogging as he motorbikes his way round Europe, and then two American girls. They’ve all been great fun to host, and I think there may be more couchsurfers before the month is out.

However, I’ve also had a visitor of the non-human (and indeed non-American) variety in the form of one of the local cats.

The street I live on seems to be feline central, with one or more of the street’s cats prowling around any time you take a walk along it. Often I will stop and say hello to them and they are generally friendly, if sometimes a little nervous.

“Stoned cat”, as I call it (due to its bright green eyes and general sluggish, relaxed demeanour), is one of my favourites and is normally up for saying hello as I pass. Another, a black and white cat with markings just like a Friesian cow, is another, and it came to visit one evening when I realised I’d left my door open.

At the time I had the two American girls staying, and the three of us befriended the cat and played with it for a while, before deciding it really should go home (and it clearly had one). The Americans christened it “Cow Cow” on account of its markings.

Maybe it will come and visit again some time.

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