Wandering around

I’ve been trying to get out as much as possible at weekends of late. Uncharacteristically good weather has made it all the more motivating to get out and explore the beautiful surroundings that lie just a short distance away from Inverness.

Three recent walks have rendered some half-decent photos.

Moray Firth coast at Balintore

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I don’t really know the Hilton/Balintore area very well, but it was home town to a pioneering missionary and is now inhabited by a mermaid.

The light on the east coast of the Highlands can be terrific, as the afternoon light is cast out across the North Sea with fresh breezes rushing back in return.

Dunglass Island and the River Conon

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Following this route on the excellent Walk Highlands website from Maryburgh took me into a neck of the woods that I didn’t know at all. It’s a long and very scenic walk through lovely countryside. Sunlight in winter time can be incredibly evocative and atmospheric.

Culbin Forest and Nairn beach

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East of Inverness, the town of Nairn is home to some lovely beaches, stretching a long way east where it is bordered by the Moray Firth on one side and Culbin Forest on the other. Again, the light towards the end of the afternoon at this time of the year is stunning.

It’s one of our ambitions for this year to get out a lot more at weekends. Hopefully there’ll be lots more photos to report in the coming months.

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