WanlockheadSo I survived the weekend in Scotland’s highest village.

Wanlockhead‘s only other claim to fame is its history of lead-mining, boasting a museum and an old miners’ library that is the second- oldest subscription library in Europe (the oldest being in neighbouring Leadmills).

According to the fascinating museum, Wanlockhead was built purely for the lead mining industry, which died out in the early 20th century. As such, the village has something of the Royston Vasey about it – a feeling of isolation, lack of industry, and not really much oomph or signs of life.

The scenery, too, is typically south of Scotland: bleak, undulating hills that really aren’t much to look at – especially in the thick mist that hung around for most of the weekend. Even the village pub was a bit lifeless, though they did do an excellent pint of 80/-.

The village did, however, boast an inordinately large number of sluice valves around the place. I have no idea why.

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