Want a review copy of The Return of the Mullet Hunter?

One of the perils of self-publishing is that it is very hard to get conventional media attention for books. Mind you, it’s not exactly a walk in the park for conventionally published books either: it’s a busy marketplace and there are books being published in greater volume than ever before. That trend is of course a consequence of the internet and the rise of the ebook.

I posted the other day about my forthcoming second book, The Return of the Mullet Hunter. Although there are a few media-related leads I’m pursuing for it, I am – like so many writers – almost entirely dependent on word of mouth, and am in the hands of my readers to spread the word and tell people if or how they enjoyed what they read. Not least given that I am self-publishing.

Reviews on people’s blogs are therefore a particularly useful tool, and back in 2010 I was very grateful for the plugs and reviews of my first book that various people (including many friends) wrote on their blogs.

So, I’m rather hoping that there are some generous souls willing to blog about The Return of the Mullet Hunter (whether positively or not!) in the run-up to or around its publication on 2 December. To help that process I’m willing to hear from travel bloggers and book reviewers who would like to receive it as a complimentary ebook.

If you’re interested in receiving a free copy of The Return of the Mullet Hunter in exchange for an honest review on your blog – whether or not you regularly blog about books or travel – please email me to apply.

Also, you may wish not just to review the book, but discuss any other aspects – such as self-publishing, the actual travelling and the places I visited, why and how I travel, or more about the mullet mission itself. And if you fancy not just blogging about the book but doing something different – an email interview, Google Hangout, or anything else – then even better. I’m open to all sorts of ideas (within reason…).

I look forward to hearing from you!

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