Wednesday 11 May, 2005

Even Bob the Builder can't fix it.About the most exciting thing to happen on the work front is that the photocopier has continued to break down with such regularity that you could set your watch by it. My guerilla defacement of the blasted machine continues apace, as you can see in the photograph on the left.

Besides that, things remain busy. I have been writing lots of exciting mullet-related things, and have been getting out and about quite a bit. Just this evening I went for a lovely walk along the river. There are lots of tourists about, which makes the town (sorry, city!) look lively, but it does mean there is a bewildered face on just about every street corner gazing at a map like it is the key to lost treasure.

For the rest of the week, I have work-related travels: tomorrow I am off to Elgin (home of the marbles) and the day after to Perth (home of… well, not much). Then at the weekend I am going to go through to Aberdeen to catch up with friends there, which should be fun. The granite might even look quite nice, if it is this sunny there.

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