Wednesday 20 April, 2005

Sorry, I've been a bit rubbish on the whole blogging front lately. It's been a busy week – on and off duty. I had an overnight trip to Aberdeen to catch up with friends on Saturday night, which was fun. I took some nice photos at Newburgh beach on Sunday when I went for a drive there with my friends before heading back west. It's beautiful there, and a big place for bird-watching. Not that I am into that – I just took lots of pictures of the scenery and managed to get lots of sand in my camera. I'll post some of the pictures up here in the next few days.

Then I was off on Monday night to London for 24 hours for work, and then today was Elgin, with catching up with work in the office this evening. I am hoping this weekend will be quiet! I do love the travel I get up to, and particularly enjoyed London, which I enjoy more and more every time I visit. But sometimes I just crave a week of non-stop sleeping in and playing Championship Manager in my underwear.

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