Wednesday 22 February 2006

Justin Brown's book on Amazon One of the nice features of two blogs I regularly read, those of Peter Moore and Gareth Saunders, is the ability to leave messages and read those left by others. Often people will leave their website details in their message too, so you get to browse around and see what sort of people read the same blogs as you.

It was through Peter Moore’s blog that I received an email out of the blue a few weeks back from a guy called Justin Brown, a New Zealander who had recently busked door to door around Britain as part of a bet he lost. He told me he’d written a book about it, and that I might like it.

Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had a writer personally recommend their book to me, so who was I to shirk the invitation? I bought it, read it, and enjoyed it. It’s a nice little tour of England, Wales and Scotland (well, Glasgow and Edinburgh) through the eyes of a foreigner, and an intresting observation of British people on their own doorsteps. He even gets to talk to J K Rowling and his top busking song is called “Kentucky Fried Kitten”. I can recommend “UK on a G-String” as a fun read.

Anyone else want to personally recommend their books to me?

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