Wednesday 22 November, 2005

The travels continue apace.

I've spent this past weekend in Aberdeen, catching up with friends and also going to my sabbatical reunion, which was all very nice. Us four ex-sabbs went to a Turkish restaurant, and it was absolutely lovely, not least for the novelty of eating a kebab at a table, before 1am, and with a knife and fork.

It was beautiful weather – freezing cold in Aberdeen and surprisingly mild in Shetland, where I was for Monday and yesterday for work – and I have a couple of good photos to share but I will have to post them next week when I get five minutes.

I had one day back in the office (today), then am on travels again for the rest of the week in Perth and elsewhere, and after a Saturday of catching my breath and Christmas shopping, I am off on Sunday until Wednesday of next week to Liverpool for a conference.

Then the week after… well, I honestly haven't thought that far ahead. Some time to myself would be nice!

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