Wednesday 30 March, 2005

'Your photocopier for today is Bob Marley.  I hope you like jamming too.'  Click to enlarge Photocopiers really wind me up sometimes. Well, our one at work specifically. I was doing a big photocopy job (I know this is starting boringly, but hey, this is my blog!) and the damn piece of crap jammed on me. So I fixed it, and it did it again, and again, wasting a good hour of my morning on opening bits of it and slamming them shut only for it to cough and splutter into constipation once again. In the end it appeared to be completely and utterly broken, although admittedly that might have been partly due to me kicking it very hard.

It's been behaving likethis for ages, and I felt almost like it was laughing at me, so I decided to get my own back. I quickly made, printed out and pinned on to it the poster on the right – which you should click on to see better. That'll teach it, the retarded piece of junk.

One thought on “Wednesday 30 March, 2005

  1. Simon – I am at Josh’s and have absolutely nothing to do as they are in Glasgow painting the town red and I’m not quite willing to either pack or write my last report. So in typical Jenny Smith fashion, I am randomly searching the internet. You mentioned (I thought) that you wrote about your mullet ventures in the first of your blog posts, so I thought I’d go and read about them. Haven’t found them, but I did find this and I think it is HILARIOUS. So funny that I’m sitting here, reading something else and then just burst out laughing thinking about your sign. Very, very good!

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