Weekend in Dublin

Tomorrow I’m off to Dublin to see a friend for the weekend. It’s a Ryanair flight, and I’m looking forward to flying with them for the first time. I’ve heard very constrasting things about them from friends and the media, and will be interested to discover whether they are a bunch of money-grabbing crooks or are providing a great low-cost service to the masses.

In their favour my flight is costing so little they’re practically paying me to fly with them. They do charge to put luggage in the hold, however, which means I have to take everything in my carry-on. Not a problem, it only being a short trip. It’s that the current security advice is more or less that if I take any toiletries as carry-on, the whole plane will instantly blow up and kill us all. So I suspect I will just taking a change of clothes and my toothbrush, and end up smelling for the weekend.

And now that I’ve used the words “plane”, “blow up” and “kill” in the one blog entry, a big hello to the security services operative who will be reading this. Nice of you to pop by.

2 thoughts on “Weekend in Dublin

  1. Am a Ryanair fan on the whole…been to Dublin with them 4 times no problems, except the last time (November last year) when the check in queue flying back was the longest queue I have ever seen, and the security checks were quite stringent…hope all goes well and you have a great weekend…Dublin is a class place.

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