Weekend in Kincraig

Silhouette of treesI’m now back from the weekend in Kincraig, near Aviemore. Nearly thirty folk (mostly from church), a very comfy hostel, a beautiful setting, lots of food and a bottle of Isle of Jura 10 year old – a recipe for a fun time.

I enjoyed taking the time to have some peace and quiet, do some reading and writing, and talk to some fantastic people. I also took lots of photos, which I’ve bunged on my Flickr. Conditions for photography were brilliant, because the weather was crisp, bright and clear, and even quite warm on occasions, despite being the middle of February. Scotland has been very lucky with the weather lately.

Sunday morning saw a handful of us at Alvie Church of Scotland, just along the road from Kincraig. It was an absolutely lovely church – a very typical small, rural parish church in many ways, but vibrant, friendly and very upbeat. And packed, which was a pleasant surprise. It was also in an absolutely beautiful setting, and some of my photos are from the churchyard which overlooks a very picturesque loch.

After a weekend in such a beautiful place, it was a bit of a shame to come back to Weegieland.

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