Weekend in Weegieland

Next weekend, I am going down to Glasgow to catch up with lots of people.

On Friday night, I’ll be going to a ceilidh (the Big Jig) featuring top ceilidh band The Jiggers. There’s a rather amusing advert for it here by the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppets.

I’ll also be visiting the Apple Store, hopefully to buy a Mac. My PC laptop has been struggling with life lately, and I think it knows I’m thinking of getting rid of it because it’s really slumped in the last few days and has even refused to switch on at times. Time to convert, for sure.

Glasgow promises to be immensely busy on Saturday – it’s the Scotland v Norway match, and so the Tartan Army will be out in full force. I’m not going to the match but the crowds will be unmissable and the pubs packed.

I may even make an appearance at St Silas on the Sunday.

I’m not sure which of all that I am most excited about.

Probably buying the Mac, if I was totally honest…

11 thoughts on “Weekend in Weegieland

  1. A fellow who gets mentioned on the screen doesn’t need a secret nod, Simon! I do get mentioned in sermons quite a lost myself though :-).

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