Welcome to the Hotel California

Well, I’m not actually staying in a Hotel California. A hotel in California, yes, however (Palm Springs, to be precise). Although you can’t check out whenever you like.

Today, Justin and I were at the Magic Mountain theme park, near Los Angeles. And the theme was rollercoasters.

Big, scary, fast rollercoasters.

If you know me, you’ll know I have three major hate in life. One is heights. Rollercoasters are high. Very high in places, and at high speed to boot.

Justin loved it. I didn’t. They were my first ever rollercoasters, and they were terrifying. Even as I type this, hours later, my hands are slightly shaking and my internal gyroscope is only just beginning to calm down.

The one ride that wasn’t full of extreme heights was a rapid water ride. If you know me, you’ll know one of my other major hates is water.

So, something I can put down to experience, I suppose.

My third hate is mushrooms.

Thankfully, I’ve never heard of a mushroom theme park.

Tomorrow: Salton Sea, home of Mullet Island. It’s even further into the desert than Palm Springs. We get there late morning.

It’s going to be hot…

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the Hotel California

  1. Lithuania has a Stalinist theme park founded my a mushroom mogul. I take it you will not be heading there…
    I hope you feel better now.

  2. I am with you Simon, I hate roller coasters, even wee ‘girly’ ones… last one I went on was at Loudoun Castle park and it was hours before I stopped shaking. I went on some very tame looking flying chair things at flamingo land (with loads of under 10s) and I could hardly stand when I got off, my legs were shaking so much… You are exulted to hero status as I loathe ‘theme parks’ full stop 🙂

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