What the hell am I doing drinking in LA?

Okay, I’m not drinking right now, as the Bran Van 3000 song suggests. But I did have a glass of water last night.

Justin and I arrived in Americaland more or less in one piece, albeit without some of Justin’s luggage and with my phone unable to make texts or calls over here. That made meeting up with Justin (we flew separately, like the royal family) difficult but we managed in the end.

Then, after a sleepless eleven-hour flight, the first driving. Nerve-wracking, to say the least.

But we made it to Jenny‘s in the end, after crusing through the ‘hoods and ‘burbs of Los Angeles, where we stayed last night, and slept like logs. Today we head off to Six Flags and then Palm Springs for the night. Monday sees us make our first assault on Mullet Island.

It’s warm.

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