Wildlife of Weegieland

SquirrelWhile walking home from work today, I saw this squirrel sitting on the edge of a rubbish bin, making the most of whatever find it had found. It was one of those moments when I regretted not having my camera with me, so you’ll have to make do with a cameraphone shot.

Then tonight, I was enjoying a wee glass of red wine while watching News24 when I noticed there was a fly in it.

My wine, I mean, not the news.

Anyway, I fished it out (the fly, not the news), and found it was still alive, if no doubt a little intoxicated. I let it rest on my finger and watched, intrigued, as it washed itself and slowly recovered. I took a few photos, most of which were blurred rubbish until I realised that my macro function only works (for some reason) when the camera’s not zoomed in.

FlyIt was fascinating to watch its almost cat-like ritual (the fly, not the camera) as it used its legs to clean itself – face, wings, legs, body – until it decided to fly away.

Isn’t nature wonderful?

And rest assured, I chucked the rest of the glass of wine out. A tragic waste… but if I was a Buddhist I am sure I’d get major karma points for my evening’s efforts.

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