Win a copy of UTCWAM… but how?

Look what you could win!Right, it’s competition time.

I have a signed copy of “Up The Creek Without a Mullet” to give away, and have been racking my brains recently for a fun format for a competition.  Should I encourage some sort of challenge of creativity or silliness, such as the weirdest photo of a copy of the book, or a 10,000 word essay on why you should get a copy, or…?

It would have to be a fun, eye-catching and appealing competition that folk would want to enter, but I really don’t know what that competition should be.

So, I thought I’d have a competition to decide.  A “competition competition”, if you like.

What competition or challenge do you think I should run to give away a free copy of the book?  What should the rules be, how should people enter, and what might be the criteria for winning the signed copy?

The winner of the best suggestion for the competition wins… well, a signed copy of “Up The Creek Without a Mullet”. And of course their competition idea is carried out.

Entries close on Sunday 13th September, and you should email your suggestions to  Full details on the events page.

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