Winning whisky

Old PulteneyWe only just went and finished second in the quiz (see this post)!

Admittedly there were only about six or seven teams but most of them were greater in number, wider in girth, and redder in face than either of us – so we were expecting a trouncing. As it was, our combined expertise and guesswork (more of the latter than the former) brought us a better score than even a team of the pub’s bar staff.

Our prizes included minatures of Old Pulteney (which we learned through tonight’s quiz is the most northerly mainland whisky). It was one of the three used in the blind tastings, and was very nice, with a heavy, thick texture and smooth taste.

7 thoughts on “Winning whisky

  1. In a regular pub quiz, there’s usually questions on general knowledge, music (usually they play a song and you guess who/what it is), current affairs, that sort of thing.

    The whisky one, however, was unsurprisingly specifically about whisky. So there were three rounds – each with ten questions and one tasting.

    I think it’s a peculiarly British thing – I guess you don’t have them on your side of the pond?

  2. I read the Wikipedia article and am fascinated. I saw that it links to a podcast of pub quizzes in London, so I subscribed and have only listened to a portion of the latest episode, topic: Beer. Many of the questions were difficult for me to answer, simply by virtue of being an American, although I did get a couple.

    I checked some site that shows where pub quizzes are in the USA, and there’s none in NJ, but there are some in Baltimore, which I may try to catch when I next go down to visit my friend Tracey.

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