Winter’s coming

Wasteland boundary by Simon Varwell

Inverness, a city that depends heavily on the tourist trade, really feels like it comes to life in the springtime, with the clocks changing to usher in the longer days, Easter holidays, and flocks of visitors that give the place such character (and, let’s face it, money) over the summer.

That change is a nice time of year and you can almost put your finger on the moment when Inverness seems to flick from winter to summer.

But in the winter the city also comes to life, but in a very different way. The more intense light, the darkness, the clouds, the snow, and the illuminations on the main streets, add an unusual, often mysterious colour and atmosphere.

In a sense, I prefer it like that, at least in terms of photography opportunities. Some of my favourite shots that I’ve taken in Inverness are winter night-time ones.

I like this one that I took the other night, but it could have been better and I need to get out a lot more around town this winter to take some others like it.

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