Wireless 2: the plot thickens

The plot thickens, but the signal remains just as thin.

In the previous episode, it was looking like my wireless card was the problem. The other day I asked my flatmate to try out his laptop (which has had no difficulties throughout the flat) in my room – on the opposite side of the flat from the router. He did, and it worked just fine. So if his laptop worked fine in my room, and mine didn’t, that seemed to settle it: my wireless card was kaput.

Gareth, ever the wise and helpful sage, promised to send me a spare wireless card – if it worked, then it would prove that I just needed to buy a new wireless card, and I would be cooking with gas. Not literally, though.

His card arrived in the post today, and I have just installed it – and sadly it doesn’t work. It’s much the same as my old one – good signal a few feet from the router, non-existent signal in my room on the other side of the flat.

But I now have the added information of a wee triangular icon on the bottom right of my computer that looks a bit like a bar chart or a set of church organ pipes, and it’s currently telling me my signal is “Marginal: Interference”. Although it seems to be working fine to me.

So there you go. A new wireless card doesn’t improve the situation. But I have a friend in church who has promised me another one, and I will get that on Sunday.

If that doesn’t work, I think I’ll need to ask an expert round. Perhaps starting by taking up the offer from my minister… sorry, Rector!

2 thoughts on “Wireless 2: the plot thickens

  1. Simon, does Mike’s laptop have an internal wireless card or an external one? Perhaps, if his is external, you could switch out his into yours and see if that works any better?

    Does your laptop have an internal wireless card or an external one? I don’t really know anything about stuff like this, but I wonder if when you put the external wireless card Gareth sent you into your laptop (assuming your laptop has an internal one), maybe there is a cross in signals that your computer is having difficulty sorting through?

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