World Book Day

Did I ever mention on this website that I had written a book?  No?  How terribly remiss of me.  Here it is on Amazon's UK site.

Happy World Book Day, everyone.  If, of course, you’re not too busy celebrating St David’s Day in Wales, National Pig Day in the USA or the rather enticing prospect of Iceland’s Beer Day.

As part of World Book Day today, I was privileged to be invited to a local secondary school, Millburn Academy, to do some readings and talks about my book.  I was a little nervous, largely because I’d never spoken to an exclusively younger audience (and it was my first event through the Scottish Book Trust’s Live Literature Fund), and also because I hadn’t done a talk since August last year so I was a mite rusty.

However, I think it all went smoothly and I got some nice feedback, including from one of the janitors who caught me as I was leaving to tell me he was in the middle of the book and was really enjoying it.  Which was nice.

I was delighted to be working alongside Peter Wright, author of Ribbons of Wildness, one of the first real explorations of Scotland’s watershed.  I think we presented a good contrast in approaches to adventure – one silly and global, one more serious and local – and with any luck inspired people to get out themselves and follow the “what if” that lies inside us all.

So a big hello to any staff or pupils from Millburn who might have stumbled their way here after today’s events.  I hope I didn’t bore you too much!

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