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Can't remember where this isI’m sure I’ve previously pointed you towards my good friend Niall’s blog about his travels around the world as an oil rig worker.

Well, he’s quit both job and blog to go travelling for a few years.  It’s not just any old trip, though – it’s a tour of nearly a hundred famous monuments in a personal quest to find a new set of seven wonders of the world.  They include sites both ancient and modern, including the Sydney Opera House (pictured), and are scattered pretty much in all four corners of the planet.  Not that the planet has corners but you get my meaning I hope.

He’s got a new blog for his trip, which kicks off later this year. It’s a mouthwatering list and itinerary, and while I’ve been to a few of the sites on the list, one or two with Niall in fact, it will be great to read how he gets on with visiting the lot in one big journey.

Niall writes brilliantly, and has already done a mound of research on the destinations, so I highly recommend you take a peek at his new blog and follow his progress.

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