Yet more Lost

Justin's pictureThe CDs containing the latest four episodes of Lost arrived in the post today.

So important was this event, that Justin took a photo of them before posting them, as you can see.

I watched the episodes this afternoon (ah, the joys of holiday), and they were quite amazing. Season 4 is jetting along at quite a pace, and much is being finally revealed.

While all four were exceptional, the Desmond-centred episode was particularly so.

Annoyingly, there’s a break until late April due to the writers’ strike. So a wee bit of a wait before the rest of the season appears on my doormat.

2 thoughts on “Yet more Lost

  1. You’re quick – two minutes after posting!

    Definitely one of the best episodes, without a doubt. It helps that he’s such an interesting character and a good actor too.

    I still think the one where Paulo and Nicki die was one of the best too though!

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