Zipping about

I learned this evening about this exciting adventure being undertaken by friends of friends.

Cape Wrath to Cape Hope, overland. Wow. Sounds like an amazing trip, and part of me wishes I was doing something like that.

But part of me is also rather glad it’s them doing it and not me.

That’s probably because I am feeling the effects of not having been in one place for more than five minutes these past few weeks – I’m tired, grumpy and suffering from a bad cold. And this coming weekend is the third out of five in a row that I am away: tomorrow I head to Skye for a few days to visit family.

The day after I return, I am off to Edinburgh at the crack of dawn for work, and this past week has seen me in Lewis, Skye and of course Cornwall. Not that I mind – a job that involves travel around the north of Scotland and beyond is fantastic. And in any case, four of the five weekends away are for pleasure, so I suppose I’ve brought my bad cold on myself.

But a more worrying symptom of travelling about the place such a lot for work and fun is that I do get a bit jaded about it all sometimes, especially big adventures like the mullet thing.

Talking of which, the big mullet news right now is that I am off to New Zealand in January, to bag the four mullets that can be found in the land of rugby, sheep and people who can’t pronounce their vowels properly. Just last night I was clarifying the locations on a map, and hopefully will be booking my flights in the next week or so. I’ll be spending about three weeks out there, with new year in Brisbane en route.

While I am happy on one level to be going – there are a few friends to look up and New Zealand has been pretty much at the top of my travel wish list for many years – I am also struggling to get truly excited. I spend so much time on trains, planes and buses that right now I’d be quite tempted by the prospect of spending three weeks just sleeping.

However, I am sure my opinion will change very soon as I book the flights and start planning.

And once November comes and I get a couple of quiet weekends at home under my belt, I am sure I’ll be bored again…

3 thoughts on “Zipping about

  1. I know what you mean Varwell. I love being away and travelling, but after so long on the road, in hotels, waiting for damn planes or helicopters, staying in 2- or 4-man rooms, there’s nothing more pleasurable than just being home, doing nothing, in a miserable, rain-soaked Aberdeen. Being in transit all the time isn’t good for aging folks like ourselves.

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