Kiam oni vizitas lokon por dua fojo, ĉiam bonas vidi ĝin per malsamaj okuloj. En denova vizito al la franca urbo Tuluzo lastatempe, mi havis okazon por fari tion – ja uzante tre malsamajn okulojn.



When revisiting a place, it’s always good to see it through different eyes. On a repeat visit to the French city of Toulouse recently, I had the chance to do just that – using very different eyes indeed.

Starting Toulouse

Our European adventure was effectively two different holidays in one.  Part two, which I’ll cover in later posts, was a trip Nicole and I took to Austria. The first half, though, was a road trip with a group of good friends from Aberdeen.  Our main purpose was piggybacking on Niall‘s visits to three south of…