Hello and welcome again to my website. My name is Simon Varwell and I am a travel writer from Inverness, in the Highlands of Scotland.

I’m interested in the curious and unusual lurking among the everyday; and I enjoy finding unexpected beauty in the mundanity that lies far off the typical traveller’s bucket list.

Perhaps this comes from growing up on an island, or hunting for otherwise unremarkable places threaded together by obscure and arbitrary connections. Or maybe it’s because I live in Inverness, a city that, technically speaking, doesn’t exist.

By way of quick biography, I was born in Dingwall in 1978, grew up on the isle of Benbecula in the Western Isles, and studied at Aberdeen University. I am married (to Nicole), am a parent, and live in Inverness. I’d tell you what I do for a day job, but it takes too long to explain.

Besides writing and photography I also love travel and the outdoors – not least rail travel, hillwalking and exploring ruins. While I’ve visited over thirty countries I never cease to be amazed at what my own backyard in Scotland has to offer. I’m a Christian, supporter of Scottish independence, (nearly) fluent speaker of Esperanto, and more. You’ll probably find that this site and my various social media spoutings reflect all these different things. Do feel free to drop a line.

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