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In which I reflect on a highly enjoyable book event in Nairn, and a brief look around a town I really don’t know well at all.

The Next Stop cover


One of the big benefits of self-publishing is the ability to fix errors really quickly. It’s an obvious point, I suppose, but it doesn’t stop me making it.

The Next Stop cover

The Next Stop – out now

The Next Stop, the story of my six-day, stop-by-stop journey down the Inverness to Edinburgh rail line, is now out. It’s a tale of mystery, wonder and adventure in the most unlikely and most ordinary places – a journey of dodgy pubs, quiet villages, fascinating local history, and lots and lots and lots of walking.…

The Next Stop cover

The Next Stop – out on March 10th

I’m delighted, at last, to announce that my third book, The Next Stop, will be published on Monday 10 March. The Next Stop, as you may know, is my account of a six-day journey I took from Inverness to Edinburgh by train, stopping at all twenty-three stations in total. It’s a line I know well…

Brisbane Courier Mail

A few media pieces

The Return of the Mullet Hunter continues to sell slowly but steadily, and I’m grateful to everyone who’s bought a copy. This is the second of five free days, as well, and quite a few copies are shifting through that too. It’s all been aided by a few bits of media attention that the book…

The latest on the two forthcoming books

A few folk have asked me lately about how “TROTMH” (as I’m nicknaming The Return of the Mullet Hunter – it’s either that or “Mullet 2”) is getting on. By which I mean there really have been a few folk asking, and not that I just feel it would be nice to talk about it…

Return of the Mullet Hunter

I feel that you, dear reader, are long overdue an update on the progress of my second mullet book.  This will be the sequel to Up The Creek Without a Mullet and will bring the account of my mullet-hunting adventures more or less up to the present day, charting my trips to England, Canada, New…

The Next Stop

I got back this weekend from a six-day journey down the Inverness to Edinburgh train line.  I stopped at every station, twenty-three in total, including my start and end points.  I tried to spend at least a couple of hours in each place, staying overnight where timetables dictated.  It was an interesting chance to see…